LEGIT: Media for Open Governance engages methods of participatory design and the production of short animation and video works to spark timely discussions about the legislative process in India. Funded by the AHRC.

Southbank Centre, London


UnBox Festival, New Delhi

Interaction Design

"Alchemy Festival," Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank Centre, London

April 2013

Frey, Carly, "Journeys in social design: from Delhi via London and back again," the Guardian, 16 April 2013

Access to Water,

Animation workshop co-led by Radhamohini Prasad,

Kalimpong, India



The UnBox Design Festival, New Delhi, India, February 2013

collaborators: Emile Devereaux, Alex Joliffe and Radhamohini Prasad


Funded by the Arts Humanities Research Council, the British Council and the UK Science and Innovation Fund

Storyboarding Blocks and Collage Cut-outs as listening and discussion tools.